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3 years ago
Bet it wasn't David's pussy that night lol
fuck me deeper 5 years ago
fuck i came
This girl 2 years ago
That’s how REAL men fuck pussy... with great hip movement, master that and she’ll do anything you say.
3 years ago
David was so hurt when he saw this video...
Tight pussy 2 years ago
I ain’t had dick in 15 years and I just want him to come fuck me
Lovie 3 years ago
I am so fucking horny by just watching that video , fuck
Anonymous 10 months ago
This is what woman want… good slow hip movements, talk dirty. That jackhammer pretzel shit? Most porn has taught men to be selfish and bad lovers. Watch this guy for tips.
Kim 1 year ago
I would love to take that dick every fucking day.
White snow bunny 3 years ago
Fuck and cum in me
Monica 2 years ago
That's not David's pussy anymore haha..Xavier owned that