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Sarah 11 years ago
wish my bf's parents tyreated me that way. They're both in their fortyies and beautiful.
fabienne 6 years ago
so small his dick, wouaww
Juicy dick 6 years ago
Juicy dick looks like the girlfriend new the problem was and she took care of it .
bobby brown 10 years ago
Had a sick wank
DON L 10 years ago
you need a new boyfriend then
1 year ago
Looks delicious
Does the 2 years ago
"Mom's" oral performance even count as "pussy licking"? Her tongue literally NEVER comes in contact with the girl's pussy. Never. She licks juuuust above the hood of the clit and that's it, most of the time not even that close. The girl deserves some credit for momentarily acting like it was getting her off but eventually gives up on that. If you're going to bother to make porn, you need to find performers who are all in. This shit is lame.